Authentication Systems:
We understand the need for proper internal controls. A good authentication system can greatly reduce the amount of fraud and loss that occurs in day to day operations. We suggest installing a central authentication system based on ibutton challenge response tokens or standard card based one time password mechanisms. Add a single sign on database for more seamless operation. Integrated systems include financial, e-mail, HR, and remote access systems. We can quickly and effectively tie existing VPN, web portals, dial ups. We have installed such systems at fortune 500 companies with international field presences and responsibility for project budgets up to 5.2 million dollars U.S.

Communications Facilities:
We can easily help you reduce or expand your operations. We understand hot and cold backup infrastructures and know how to implement a scalable fault resistant communications infrastructure. Need to reduce quickly? We can get it done, from finding you a sublet for your space to organizing logistics.

Virtual Infrastructure:
Sometimes, infrastructure reduction is necessary. But how do you reduce your costs without loosing key personnel? The answer lies with a virtual infrastructure. Combining Priority Call Management Systems with Virtual Private Networking and IP Telephonography, we can help you reduce your infrastructure costs dramatically. Well even train your management team in the art of remote operations so that they can increase productivity.

Computer and Network Security Services:
From penetration testing to security architecture, our team of CISSPs can help bring your systems and organizations into the 21st century. If security was never a priority, contact us. We will show you how lax sercuity may be affecting your bottom line.

Project Management:
Have an engineering project you need managed? Whether you need someone to manage an internal project or you have a project you want done outside your company, we have the expertise to see your project to completion. We can even provide patent,trademark, or copyright law services if necessary.


Project Management:
Complex projects can be costly. Let us manage your project whatever it may be. We can make sure that all elements are produced on time and on budget. Whether its building a new facility or producing a new product, we can utilize your internal staff or contract with our list of industry experts to see your project to conclusion

Patent Law:
We can provide you with full patent services through our partnership with leading firms specializing in patent law and drafting.